Apex Strategic Investigations Group 33490 Date Palm Dr. Suite 3066 Cathedral City, CA 92235 Voice: 1.760.770.0079 SleuthOne@worldfind.biz     

APEX STRATEGIC INVESTIGATIONS GROUP - Cathedral City, CA - 1.760.770.0079 - CA PI LIC #15860 The following is a list of A.S.I.G.'s main areas of investigation, research and analysis:

Asset Research
•Foreign and Domestic Financial Institutional Research
•Real Property Holdings (Nationwide)
•Source of Income / Employment
•Uniform Commercial Code Filing
•Civil Litigation
•Adverse Public Filings

Worldwide Locates
•Missing Persons

Background Investigations
•Job Applicants
•Subject Identification
•Criminal Convictions
•Civil Filings
•Adverse Intelligence
•Missing Persons
•Negligent Hiring Prevention

Field Investigations
•All National Public Records
•Worldwide Service of Process and Letters Rogatory
•Undercover Assignments
•Criminal/Civil Photography
•Worker's Compensation Claims

Corporate Security
•Corporate Espionage Investigations
•Loss Prevention
•Hostile Dismissals
• Risk assessment

Computer/Data Forensics and Investigations
•Computer Misuse Prevention
•High Tech Crime Investigation
•Data recovery - Recover Lost, Deleted, or Hidden Data from Hard disks,
Thumb drives
•Cellular Forensics

Specialized Services and Searches
•Jury and Witness Background
•Secure Satellite Communications
(Meets DoD Specifications)
•Psychological Evaluation
•Driver/Vehicle records
•Telephone Number Research
•Post Office Box Information
•Product Liability
•Discreet Financial Inquiries
•Municipality Defense
•Threat Assessment
•Industrial Countermeasures
•Commercial Intelligence
•Alternative Sentencing Experts
•Medical Audit
•Privacy Consultants
•Hostage Negotiator
•Internal Affairs Investigations
•Counter Terrorism Profiler
•High Altitude Surveillance

Executive Protection
•Contact our Special Operations Unit

Expert Testimony
•Emergency Evaluation Team
•Major Violators Unit
•Substance Abuse Expert